Advising companies on how to successfully expand and implement their strategies in new cultural markets relevantly has been the focus of my advisory work for over eighteen years. In The $3.5 Trillion Advantage – A Marketer’s Guide for Growing Revenue in Today’s America, I seek to accomplish three important goals.

  1. Dramatically improve organizations’ business condition by raising consciousness of what’s working and what isn’t as companies set out to grow top line revenue new cultural markets in the U.S.

  2. Reinforce that entering a new cultural market to grow revenue is serious business and requires an "all hands-on deck” and top level management approach.

  3. Convey that existing successful strategies, business models, principles, methods and approaches companies employ don’t need to change, but they do need to be optimized for relevancy in new cultural markets.


The $3.5 Trillion Advantage calls out the missteps that have impacted even the most well-intentioned marketers using archetypes – Deniers, Dabblers and Committed. Importantly, it provides a model for future-oriented leadership and action and guides marketers through a wealth of insights and winning methods with immediately actionable examples from my most successful corporate clients. Buy it.  Read it.  Use it.

Marketing to Hispanics: A Strategic Approach to Assessing and Planning Your Initiative, provides an in-depth view of the strategic planning process companies must apply to effectively ensure their market entry strategies are in sync with not only the environment in which they will compete for a share of this market, but also with their company’s strategic, operational and organizational goals and metrics. 

Far from being a tactical marketing "how-to-guide", Marketing to Hispanics helps marketers ask the critical questions and address sensitive business planning issues. Marketing to Hispanics is packed with real life successes and critical miss-steps case studies by Walgreens, Wells Fargo Bank, PacifiCare Health Systems and others.  These case studies support the sound strategic advice Soto provides, making this book an important management resource for new and experienced executives charged with driving forth this type of initiative. 


Soto's book provides a practical, systematic approach to preparing your company to target and serve Hispanic America and to setting realistic goals by which to measure your success.  Buy it.  Read it.  Use it. 




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