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About Marketing Solutions, Inc. (AMS), is a marketing strategy and implementation advisory firm in Burbank, California.


We focus on accelerating clients' top-line growth by ensuring careful alignment between a brand’s business objectives, orchestrating collaboration between internal partners, applying a deep understanding of diverse consumer targets, leveraging applicable data analytics, and ensuring contextually relevant, engaging and measurable marketing implementation.


We understand that marketing is increasingly challenging and complex especially as marketers attempt to quickly adapt to and adopt new and constantly evolving ways of reaching and engaging diverse consumers. We get that increasingly, budgets are limited, marketing is digital, platforms abound, and data, metrics, and tools are ever more complex.


We help marketers facing these challenges to properly apply data analytics and intelligence to guide content marketing efforts, to gain clarity on whether messages are influencing and engaging their audiences, to be more targeted in their selection among the plethora of platform choices, and to be able to measure true ROI against business growth goals.

For 20 years, we've successfully helped many Fortune 1000 companies maximize marketing impact while minimizing budget inefficiencies because we always keep two things in mind: 1) the business context in which our clients’ brand marketing strategies exist and 2) the importance of looking beyond the marketing organization to help ensure cross-organization support and alignment with marketing strategies and implementation.

Our approach is holistic and our number one goal after working with a client is to have significantly improved their business condition.

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