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Consulting and Coaching




We work with senior marketing leaders either backstage or in a more visible role helping them work through their most pressing issues so they can avoid the missteps and quickly gain clarity on the strongest and most viable marketing approaches and processes for their company, marketing teams, and brands.

Favored formats include 90 day and monthly retainer advisory support.

We work with marketing leadership and their teams to address the specific marketing needs of the organization, its brands and its stakeholders.

Our framework includes the following:  


  1. We work to understand the context in which the organization competes for business and its challenges.

  2. We design a custom briefing focusing on the forces and factors that can accelerate, enhance, inhibit, expand, diversify and sustain top line growth for the company or brand (s).

  3. We lead and support development a high level action plan focused on leveraging briefing learnings and immediate next steps to drive growth and support enhanced performance and outcomes for the company.  

Favored formats include a two-hour briefing or a half or full day workshop.





Marketers rank content marketing as the top activity that will have the biggest impact on their business in the near future. Yet, consistently creating great marketing content that effectively engages customers and consumers remain challenging. 

We work with marketing leaders and their teams to ensure content marketing efforts are measurable, maximize customer engagement impact, and maximize limited budgets. 


Our content marketing optimization framework is completely aligned to the client industry, business objectives, marketing strategies, team capabilities, data analytics, and budget parameters.

Key areas of focus are customized to needs but often include:

  • Defining the Content Ecosystem

  • Developing the Content Strategy

  • Translating Business Objectives into Content Objectives

  • Leveraging the Right Insights & Analytics

  • Adding Contextually Relevant Value During the Customer Journey

  • Ensuring Internal and External Alignment Across Partners

  • Defining Content Focus and Distribution Platforms 

  • Defining and Implementing Activity KPIs, Outcome KPIs, and Financial Impact KPIs

  • Iterating and Optimizing

Favored formats include 30, 60, and 90-day advisory support.

I work with a select number of Senior Leaders as an Executive Adviser, either backstage or in a more visible role to accelerate strategy expansion and optimization efforts. I help avoid the missteps and help them to quickly gain clarity on the strongest and most viable approaches and processes for their company and brands.

According to a recent survey among CMOs, 50% report that Marketing Campaigns are not tied to business objectives.

We work with marketing leaders and teams to help them obtain the highest returns from marketing campaign spend by ensuring there is alignment between business objectives, cross-functional partner interests, marketing strategies, and campaign implementation.


Our framework is customized to specific organization concerns and typically includes:


  1. Quickly assess what is and isn't working in order to best manage to spend allocations to areas of greatest opportunity across the business

  2. Align with business objectives and stated growth platforms

  3. Plan and execution alignment in collaboration with cross-functional partners

  4. Align spend appropriately against sales funnel

  5. Define and align with KPIs and metrics

  6. Improve financial rigor 

  7. Introduce early warning monitoring systems that enable midstream realignment 


 Favored formats include 90 day or monthly retainer advisory support.






According to a CMO Council Study of global marketing executives, 77 percent – believe they are not reaching the full revenue potential of today’s connected customer. Only 10 percent of marketers are exceedingly confident in their current capabilities while 39 percent admit that they are still hedging their bets… confident in their teams, but willing to admit there is plenty of room for things to go horribly wrong.

We work with marketing leadership to help them better align their organizational structures with business and marketing objectives. We do this by quickly identifying structural and organizational improvement opportunities. 

Our framework is customized to each organization's needs but typically includes:

  1. ​Assessing the marketing organization's current abilities and capabilities to meet business objectives from a customer experience standpoint.

  2. Identifying those forces which may be holding back the organization.

  3. Defining the company's ability to meet customers' needs.

  4. Determining if a lack of customer intelligence is impacting customer engagement.

  5. Assessing how the company's structure (centralized or decentralized) might be impacting its ability to be agile and effective? 

Favored formats include 90 day or monthly retainer advisory support.

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