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Let me show you how to remain relevant to accelerate revenue growth and thrive in the country's $3.5 trillion dollar multicultural market.



As an Executive Adviser, I work with senior leaders either backstage or in a more visible role to accelerate strategy expansion and optimization efforts for maximum impact among multicultural consumers.


I help my clients avoid the missteps and help them quickly gain clarity on the strongest and most viable approaches and processes for their companies and brands.

The TOUCHPOINT PROFITLENS™ helps companies understand what they need to do and how they need to organize to ensure customers of different cultures have a a seamless customer experience at every touchpoint.

  • Identifying the strongest back-end and customer facing operational strengths and ways to leverage them

  • Identifying operational gaps and viable approaches to close gaps and optimize operations as needed

  • Ensuring consistency and alignment with existing company mission, values, value proposition and strategies

  • Ensuring all implementation is relevant to new cultural targets






The PROFITLENS™ Checklist is used to assess and define an optimized and viable market entry approach for organizations needing to maximize their products' and services' relevancy and relatability to attract and retain multicultural customers. The assessment is holistic and includes: 

  1. Strategy

  2. Consumer Targets

  3. Planning and Implementation

  4. C-Suite Role and Responsibilities

  5. Organizational Structure 

  6. Operational 

  7. Optimization Viability, Timing and Budgets

  8. Metrics and Accountability  

I work with a select number of Senior Leaders as an Executive Adviser, either backstage or in a more visible role to accelerate strategy expansion and optimization efforts. I help avoid the missteps and help them to quickly gain clarity on the strongest and most viable approaches and processes for their company and brands.

Future revenue growth for many companies is increasingly dependent on finding and integrating new growth markets into plans and implementation quickly and effectively. However, this can present challenges because corporate executives are rarely culturally, psychologically, and emotionally competent or even ready and willing to manage new unfamiliar cultural markets. Without preparation, these executives are often apprehensive, uncertain, fearful and even resistant to leverage new and different consumer market opportunities with confidence and commitment.


The CULTURAL PROFITLENS™ workshop is a practical immersive one day program designed to instill confidence, comfort and appreciation for new and different consumers such that executives are immediately prepared to accelerate revenue growth in new cultural markets.


The content is customized to client industries, participants and desired outcomes. A sample day might look as follows:


  • Deep dive into client’s high value target segments including attitudes, beliefs, values, usage behavior, purchase triggers

  • Cultural anthropological overview of macro environment including - political, economic, social, competitive, and local market dynamics

  • In person experiences with 4-6 target consumers who share their purchase journey stories and discuss them with executives in real time

  • Client relevant associations and community organization leaders share business and competitive insights and implications of doing business with target segments

  • Town hall reaction meeting where senior executives express their immediate transformation first-hand and share short and midterm action plans

  • Discussion with leadership where executives share action plan






The CULTUREDECONSTRUCTED™ immersion experience is a revealing and transformative experience for executives who need to jump start or deepen their cultural competence to better understand and appreciate new cultural markets and ensure greater implementation effectiveness. Senior leaders will:


  • Experience new cultural targets in their own environment

  • Gain appreciation for multicultural consumers 

  • See how multicultural consumers shop for a category first-hand and learn about what drives purchase 

  • Interact with and hear consumer stories and journeys

  • Hear first hand how multicultural consumer talk about the companies and brands they buy from and those they avoid

  • Listen to motivations and pain points



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